RTC Aadhaar Link: Linking of land with Aadhaar to identify small and very small farmers

RTC Aadhaar

Karnataka is planning to link all title deeds, landholdings, and crop (RTC) documents with Aadhaar in order to identify small and very small farmers and distribute relief measures, Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda said.

This will have the advantage of reducing land-related fraud and eliminating confusion regarding ownership. Gowda, replying to the debate on drought in the Assembly, said that according to central government figures, 44 percent of farmers in Karnataka are small and very small farmers (those with less than 12 hectares of land).

“In fact, 70 percent of the farmers in the state are small and marginal,” Krishna Byre Gowda said. We have asked the Center to calculate the flood relief for small and very small farmers using the Aadhaar-based data provided by us.

To find a permanent solution to this problem, we are thinking of linking all RTCs with Aadhaar and using Aadhaar authentication,” he told the assembly. It contains information about owner details, area, soil type, land ownership pattern, encroachment, crops grown, and more.

Already implemented in Andhra Pradesh, PAN has already been linked with Aadhaar in Andhra Pradesh. Just linking Aadhaar will not suffice. Unless Aadhaar authentication is done, we will not be able to stop frauds in land transactions, he said.

The minister said in the assembly that the government is in the process of “end-to-end automation” in distributing relief to farmers. He used the brother of former chief minister Basavaraja Bommayi as an example, adding that, up until now, criminality was carried out by data entry operators entering the names of such and such persons. The CM informed me that he would give relief to non-owned land in the name of his brother.

He said that the money would be deposited directly into the accounts of such beneficiaries. He railed against the carelessness of the Centre, saying that NDRF money has not been released to Karnataka. Expressed displeasure that the Center was not responsive to dozens of letters from the state to appoint a union minister to discuss the situation.